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Surrey Based SEO & Web Design

We build stunning, mobile responsive, websites implementing premier design methods with holistic and sustainable SEO built-in as standard.

We analyse every aspect of your online presence to ensure you best placed to dominate your local search results and never run the risk of being penalised by future Google updates.

A website built without strong SEO at its core is as effective as a leaflet discarded into the wind from atop a high building.

If you are looking for a new website, a website refresh or some help with your SEO please get in touch below and we'll do all we can to help.

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If you are looking for a new website, an online e-commerce shop, a refresh or update of your current website or some help with your SEO please get in touch below and we'll do all we can to help.

    E-Commerce Websites

    The pandemic has shown us the power of online shopping.

    It also reinforced the appeal of shopping local. Supporting the small local business. And buying locally instead of ordering from Amazon.

    Get your business selling online with an e-commerce website and online shop.

    Surrey Digital can convert your existing 'brochure style' website to a full e-commerce website.

    Don't have a website? Surrey Digital will do all the technical work to get you online - registering a domain, securing hosting space and registering a SSL certificate.

    We will also:

    • Design & Build your E-Commerce Website
    • Add your product inventory
    • Connect it to your preferred payment gateway
    • Setup a customer mailing list

    If you'd like a free consultation to discuss your E-Commerce requirements please get in touch below or email us at info@surrey.digital

    There are so many ranking factors that contribute to dominating the search engine rankings, we will ensure that each one is fully optimised so that we can get your Surrey business rocketing up the search engine listings!

    If you have a Surrey business take a look at some of our services below and please do get in touch we would love to show you how we can get you rocketing up those search engine rankings.

    Our dedicated Surrey SEO Team will get your business outranking your competitors and get you more clients and customers.

    Today, businesses of all sizes across Surrey have become increasingly reliant on the success of their online presence which in turn relies solely on one important factor –  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

    Websites which climb to the top of the search engine rankings and drive huge volumes of traffic to their site rarely just ‘happen’ – they have to be positioned there.

    Surrey Digital has a wealth of experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), offering a truly transparent service that guides and informs our clients about what we do and how to increase their visibility through keyword analysis, content creation and a well-structured user journey.

    [icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-line-chart” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-3x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” separator=”no” text=”If you’re a UK business owner you should know that 92% of your future clients and customers will never look beyond Page 1 of Google. A Google Page 1 presence is now business critical! Contact us for a complete SEO review and find out whats holding you back.” link=”https://surrey.digital/seo-services/” link_text=”SEO Services” title=”SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION” icon_color=”#31c8a2″ link_color=”#dd3333″]
    [icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-binoculars” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-3x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” separator=”no” text=”Are you frustrated by your competitors ranking higher in the search engines than you? Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out how they were doing it? What keywords are ranking highly for? What content gets the most social media shares? Our Competitor Research packages will tell you all of this and more! Contact us now for more details!” link=”https://surrey.digital/competitor-research-services/” link_text=”Our Competitor Research Services” title=”COMPETITOR RESEARCH” icon_color=”#31c8a2″ link_color=”#dd3333″]
    [icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-calendar” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-3x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” separator=”no” text=”‘Content is King, but distribution is Queen (and she wears the trousers)’… We create content that sets your business apart from the rest. Designed to drive traffic, encourage social shares and attract backlinks. Quality content is an essential part of your SEO armoury. Contact us for more information!” link=”https://surrey.digital/content-marketing-services/” link_text=”Content Marketing Services” title=”CONTENT MARKETING” icon_color=”#31c8a2″ link_color=”#dd3333″]
    [icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-weixin” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-3x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” separator=”no” text=”Disappointed by your Social Media engagement? We can optimise your profiles and use our big data analytics to identify the best type of content and target the perfect audience for your social media advertising. Contact us to find out how!” link=”https://surrey.digital/social-media-services/” link_text=”Social Media Services” title=”SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMISATION” icon_color=”#31c8a2″ link_color=”#dd3333″]
    [icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-paint-brush” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-3x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” separator=”no” text=”We offer a wide range of creative design solutions for the web, including logo design, banner design, advert creative, and responsive email design with HTML coding. Not forgetting Infographics, Landing Pages and Lead Magnets. Contact us for inspiration!” link=”https://surrey.digital/website-design-services/” link_text=”Design Services” title=”DESIGN SERVICES” icon_color=”#31c8a2″ link_color=”#dd3333″]
    [icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-star” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-3x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” separator=”no” text=”All SEO is not the same. Just as every business is different, so every businesses SEO needs are different. We have specialist SEO packages for E_Commerce owners, Photographers, Solicitors, Accountants, Dentists, Vets, Architects, Counsellors and Estate Agents. Contact us to discuss your specific SEO needs!” link=”https://surrey.digital/contact-us/” link_text=”Contact Us for Details!” title=”SPECIALIST PACKAGES” icon_color=”#31c8a2″ link_color=”#dd3333″]

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