Toxic Backlink Cleansing

Don’t let your website get dragged down by Toxic Backlinks – Reclaim the Google ranking you deserve!

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As you may have read in our ‘Guide to Toxic Backlinks‘, Toxic Backlinks are, at best, unnatural links that directly harm the search rankings of a website, it really isn’t too dramatic to say that toxic backlinks will mean your website is showing much lower in the Google rankings than it deserves to be.

At worst, toxic backlinks can be backlinks from adult sites, adult forums and unindexed sites from across Eastern Europe and Russia – these can be devastating to your website rankings as well as damaging to your business, brand and reputation.

Surrey Digital offer a Toxic Backlink assessment and confidential report COMPLETELY FREE.

Upon receipt of our report should you wish to hire us to remove any Toxic Backlinks that we have identified we will donate 10% of all fees received as part of our Toxic Backlinks Programme to the UK Safer Internet Centre and its subsidiary charity Childnet.

If your website is clear we will send you a FREE ‘Site Certified Safe’ GOLD badge for you to confidently display on your website!

Enter your name and website address below and we will your get your confidential report to your inbox today!

Surrey Digital offer an initial assessment and confidential report COMPLETELY FREE.

Our FREE Scan, Assessment and Confidential Report is yours to keep and action accordingly but I cannot stress enough how important it is to get any unwanted links professionally removed, take additional steps to guarantee that the problem will not re-occur and ensure that any Google ranking penalty reversed.

Should you wish to hire Surrey Digital to resolve any issues found we will:

  1. Remove all trace of any offending or suspicious links identified in your report
  2. Permanently break the digital connection to your website
  3. Take proactive steps to ensure that all sites identified are blocked from ever being able to view or access your website EVER AGAIN.
  4. Engage directly with Google to ensure that any penalty suffered as a result of these unwanted, and unasked for, backlinks is completely, and permanently, reversed leaving you clear to take your rightful, and natural, position in the Search Engine Rankings!
  5. Actively scan your website for new backlinks for a period of 3 months, any backlinks that re-occurring during that time will be removed free of charge.
  6. 10% of all fees received through our Toxic Backlink Cleanse Programme are donated to the UK Safer Internet Centre and its subsidiary charity Childnet.
  7. Surrey Digital will also provide a ‘Site Certified Safe’ badge for you to display confirming that your website is clean of:

Toxic Backlinks

Any ‘On-Site’ Malware

Unwanted site redirects


Platinum Scheme

Extend coverage of our real time backlink triage service for 12 months to receive our exclusive Platinum badge!

email me today for more details nigelm@surrey.digital

We will review all new backlinks being requested from your website in real time and block anything suspicious (and the referring websites) before they make the connection, before it impacts your Google rankings and before Google allocates a penalty.

Prevention is always better than the cure!


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